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Welcome! My name's Steve Hartwell and these pages are devoted to a selection of my (mainly musical) activities during the late 80s and early 90s. It all started with Peeved Records (a joint venture with Pete Skelley) and expanded into a number of solo projects (Dead Goldfish Ensemble, Machine Maid Man, Pink Goldfish), a number as duos (Deaf Goes East, Johnson's Fiver, Rites Of Post, Featuring Karen Wheeler, High Tech Pagodas, A Band Of Steves) and one group (And Why Not?).

Peeved Records started as I finished University with the release of a tape and single by Southampton based band Gestalt / Primary. We continued with releases mainly from the Cambridge area (where I was working) including some of my material. I was also heavily involved with a local music magazine called Scene And Heard.

Given it's renewed popularity I have re-published here my thoughts on the Cassette Scene (originally presented in Caught In The Act produced by Stick It In Your Ear).

For my musical activities the best place to start is probably the overview.

My most prolific outlet was the Dead Goldfish Ensemble but the best place to start with them is Dead Goldfish Ensemble album reviews.

In an unexpected twist the Dead Goldfish Ensemble performed 'live' (for the first time) in Paris on 26th October 2017. Photos and other information are on the Gigs page. The performance did not involve any actual playing (as the music has always been sequenced) but was 'live coded'. More information on the Code page.

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FOR SALE! Cassette-ism (255 tracks / 16 hours of music) [₤10 DVD-R / ₤5 download]. Alive In Paris [ ₤5 download]. For details see the shop page.

Here is a free track from each of my various projects:
A Band Of Steves Marching (demo) (1731kB 64kbps mp3)
And Why Not Bad Salad (603kB 64kbps mp3)
Dead Goldfish Ensemble Bouncing Eggs (1285kB 64kbps mp3)
Pink Goldfish Careful With That Sample, Eugene (1009kB 64kbps mp3)
Machine Maid Man Eating The Past (1427kB 64kbps mp3)
Johnson's Fiver Paradise (1116kB 64kbps mp3)
Deaf Goes East The Beating Of Washing Hearts (637kB 64kbps mp3)
The High Tech Pagodas The Valley (1790kB 64kbps mp3)
Rites Of Post Tomato And Feud (432kB 64kbps mp3)
Featuring Karen Wheeler Zipping Up (1695kB 64kbps mp3)


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