High Tech Pagodas

This is a collaboration between Rob Baylis (AKA The Detective) and Steve Hartwell. The name comes from an article about Rob in the NME written by, the then unknown, Jonathan Romney (who played around Cambridge as part of Snap! Cabinet - who have a number of appearances on Peeved Records compilations).

A less comprehensive set of information can be found at Discogs and RateYourMusic.

Compilation Appearances

[1] Free, Tickled Pink, Peeved Records (PV021), C60, February 1986

[2] Gypsy Moth, If You Can't Stand The Beat, Peeved Records (PV024), C60, July 1986

[3] Gypsy Moth, International Sound Compilation 12, Man's Hate (ISC 12), C90, November 1986
Mis-credited As The First Stage

[4] The First Stage, Music From The White House Vol. 2 (It's A British Treat), Exart (EA 029), C60, April 1987, Discogs,

[5] The First Stage, How To Become A Millionaire, Underground Productions (UP3), C90, December 1987

[6] Midi People, Total Recess Grade No. 3, Mystery Hearsay, C60, April 1988

[7] Midi People, Dependiance Binaire, Garde Au Sol Productions, C60, May 1988

[8] Gypsy Moth, PASSIONS4, APEAC/Organic Tapes (ORG C05), C90, June 1988

[9] Midi People, Orcades Machinales Vol 4, Orcadia Machina (Ork 8913), C60, April 1989, Discogs, Tape-Mag

[10] The Valley, A Natural History Of, Black Death (BLD 12), C90, November 1989

[11] Gypsy Moth / The First Stage / Midi People / The Valley, Kali-Yuga, Tears Tapes (Tear 328), C60, March 1991

[12] The First Stage, It's T Time, Black Death, C60, April 1991

[13] The Valley, New Hippies Volume 2, Red Neon Tapes, C60, June 1991

[14] The Valley, The Power And The Passion Vol VI, IRRE Tapes (IT072), C46, March 1992, Discogs

[15] The Valley, Quatrieme Communion, Orcadia Machina, 2 X C60, September 1992

[16] The Valley, Ebu's Music Sampler Vol. Elemental II, EBU's Music (EM017), C60, July 1992, Discogs

[17] The First Stage / The Valley, Andromedia Strain, Fool's Paradise, 2 X C60, September 1992

[18] The Valley, Winter Stars And A Quiet Sea, Epitapes, C90, October 1992

[18] The First Stage, Gypsy Moth, La Propriete, c'est le vol, Post-Brutal

Track By Track

Releases: Tickled Pink

Gypsy Moth
Releases: If You Can't Stand The Beat, PASSIONS4, ISC 12, Kali-yuga, La Propriete, C'Est Le Vol

The First Stage
Releases: Music From The Whitehouse Vol. 2, How To Become A Millionaire, It's T Time, Kali-Yuga, Andromedia Strain, La Propriete, C'Est Le Vol

Midi People
Releases: Dependance Binaire, RECESS3, Orcades Machinales 4, Kali-Yuga

The Valley (Youtube)
Releases: A Natural History Of (Black Death), Kali-Yuga, Andromedia Strain, New Hippies Vol 2, The Power And The Passion Vol VI, Quartrieme Communion, EBU's Music Sampler Vol Elemental II, Winter Stars And A Quiet Sea


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