Featuring Karen Wheeler

This is a collaboration between Steve Hartwell and Chris Mann which only produced the one song. The band name comes from the 'Ooh' you can hear on the track. Unfortunately I didn't know that the name should have been Caron Wheeler.... (a quick search of the web reveals that I am not the only one). This is more Chris's track than mine - my main contribution was some sounds (one a zipper being done up, obviously) and some astonishingly inept keyboard playing - out of key and out of time! Now available on Youtube.

Compilation Appearances

[1] Zipping Up, The Plague's Beginnings, Black Death (BLD 09), C60, October 1989

[2] Zipping Up, Our Nebula Incured Vol. 4, Corrosive Tapes, C60, December 1990

[3] Zipping Up, Hypertronics, Hypertonia World Enterprises (HWE059/91), C60, June 1991, Discogs

[4] Zipping Up, The Power And The Passion Vol. VII, IRRE Tapes (IT073), C46, March 1992, Discogs

[5] Zipping Up, Quatrieme Communion, Orcadia Machina, 2 x C60, September 1992, Discogs

[6] Zipping Up, Winter Stars And A Quiet Sea, Epitapes, C90, October 1992


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