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There is a lot of The Dead Goldfish Ensemble material so I have split it up into



album reviews.

The Dead Goldfish Ensemble were initially active 1985-1993, ending when family life took a higher priority. Like many an act from that era there has been an unexpected upsurge in interest lately. In my case it took the form of a request to perform live in Paris as part of the Serendip Lab festival in 2017, which I duly did. The gig consisted entirely of new music and the writing has continued since. As each new piece is recorded I am posting it to Youtube so if you want to keep up to date please subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Interviews and some history can be found on the overview page. I have also re-published my thoughts on the Cassette Scene (originally presented in Caught In The Act produced by Stick It In Your Ear) as there seems to be a lot of interest.


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