A Band Of Steves

A Band Of Steves (Youtube channel) was originally intended to be a three piece with the addition of Steph McNicholas but in the end it turned out to be a duo of Steve Hartwell and Steve Buttercase (The Principle). We did one rehearsal of two songs and then performed them live at the Sea Cadet Hall in Cambridge 28th May 1988 at a benefit for Scene And Heard.

Flyer for the gig

Compilation Appearances

[1] Marching, Causing A Cammotion, Peeved Records (PV031), C60, June 1988

[2] Beats (Live),The Plague's Beginnings, Black Death (BLD 09), C60, October 1989

[3] Marching (Demo), The Potential Plague, Black Death (BLD 23), C90, April 1990

[4] Beats, When Scars Become Wings, Epitapes, C90, January 1991

[5] Beats, The Power And The Passion Vol VII, IRRE Tapes (IT073), C46, March 1992, Discogs

[6] Beats, La Propriete, c'est le vol, Post-Brutal

Track By Track

Releases: Causing A Cammotion, Youtube

Releases: The Plague's Beginnings, When Scars Become Wings, The Power And The Passion Vol VII, La Propriete, C'Est Le Vol, Youtube

Marching (demo)
The Potential Plague, Youtube


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